ethics etc...Where there is no obligation beyond self-interest, all one has are relations of exchange at arm's length, not the close interpersonal relations of mutual responsibility which are the very subject matter and essence of ethical questions. - Michael Zweig


About ethics etc...

ethics etc... is an independent consultancy partnership providing services to businesses and social enterprises to help them respond effectively and efficiently to the need for a more just and sustainable society.

ethics etc... grew out of a business enterprise whose goal was to make trade with developing countries more equitable and sustainable. Working directly with peoples' co-operatives, farmers and producers in some of the world's poorest societies it made it possible for consumers in the West to choose fairly traded products. In the ‘80's and ‘90's this was an outstanding model of market economics with a human face. At the heart of the business were the principles of economic justice, social and environmental sustainability and accountability to suppliers, customers, investors and workers.

ethics etc... was established as an independent consultancy in 1997 to carry the principles and practices learned in the fair trade movement into mainstream business and other large organisations. We believe that people matter – and that the truly successful enterprises of the future will be those that are systematic in developing their strategies around the needs and aspirations not just of their customers and investors but all their stakeholders. They will also recognise the relationship between their own goals and activities and their impact and responsibility to work for a more sustainable future for society and the planet, locally and globally.

Those are our ethics too. The etc… stands for the practical work we do and the way we engage with clients as partners in seeking to realize shared goals.


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